Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Agneeth AladiAgneeth Aladi
First time pased
He has provided me good tips to pass the test. Good friendly.

Kashika Tata
Passed 3rd Time
I enjoyed my time learning with Vikesh, i feel confident with my driving now.

David OkparaDavid Okpara
Failed the test 4 times, passed the 5th time with Vikesh.

Muhammad MuhaiminMuhammad Muhaimin
Passed first time
Alhamdulillah, good experience less lessons than I expected and passed comfortably.

Wonderful experience
He is very cool person, very good patience level and nicely guides to all rules and how to drive safely. I got my licence with my first test.

Vishal GaberielVishal Gaberiel
1st time pass
The teaching is great. Explain well and good. Enjoyed learning with Vikesh.

Lopa BenLopa Ben
Passed 2nd attempt
Nice and easy learning with Vikesh.. Very patience and knows his job well.. It was a lovely and comfortable. 1st attempt was 1major no minors and 2nd attempt 2 minor mistakes.. But happy i have learnt safe driving for life. Would recommend Vikesh to anyone.

Abi GriffithsAbi Griffiths
Passed 1st time
Vikesh is an amazing driving instructor and made it feel easy to drive!

Nabil RamiaNabil Ramia
Passed 1st Time!
Vikesh is a great instructor especially if you know how to drive! Highly recommend if you want to know the ins and outs of the driving test.

Best instructor ever
Vikesh has the patience of a saint. Calm and explains things very well. Even took the time to fit extra lessons in his free time to guarantee i passed first time. Thank you very much.

Denise HernandezDenise Hernandez
Passed Driving Test
Thanks to Vikesh for being a great instructor I passed my Driving test in only 4 months driving lessons. Vikesh has been very patient and encouraged me to pass this test.

Caius Omary
Clean pass
I managed to pass my test with only one minor. Vikesh is a great instructor with all the wisdom required to pass and make you a fantastic driver. He will make sure you are prepared and ready to drive on public roads with plenty of support and knowledge.

Nikhil Shindgikar
Passed with Vikesh
Vikesh is a good and knowledgable instructor. His advice and guidance helped me to pass the driving exam.

Piyusha Tembe
Passed with three minors
I am a new learner. Vikesh made me learn the manual car will full patience and confidence. He checks every minute details before the exam. All manoeuvres taught by him were with super easy techniques. Truly worth every penny spent.